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  1. Lovedvc, going to keep the points together, sorry and I hope you find the 20 pts you need. I have someone who may be interested in a week, so I don't want to split them up just yet. Thanks though.
  2. PS, sorry it took me a few days to get back to you. I'm not on my computer much these days with 3 lil ones.
  3. Lovedvc, thank you for the info, as I said, I'm clueless and learning! LOL I'll chat with hubby about the 20 pts. Was trying to keep them together, but not opposed to separating a bit I guess.
  4. Thanks Bob! I'll look into it.
  5. I have no idea how to go about this as we are new to DVC, this forum and renting, LOL. We had to bank 213 points for our 2013 use year and they will be expiring by May of 2015. We will not be able to go on vacation this year or even the beginning of next year. Looking to rent the points. Any help from fellow owners who have previously done this would be much appreciated. I was thinking, pay half up front, once transfer of points takes place, the remaining balance. Paypal preferred. Looking for $12 a point since I know David's Rental charges $14. Thought it would be fair. Again, any help or thoughts would be great! Thanks!