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    about the FB Group

    ..about the Group Read the rules and group information. Maybe reread it and read again. A place for Disney Vacation Club owners who like to discuss, debate, answer questions, help others & post pictures of Disney and the Resorts. We do allow people in that would like to learn more about owning DVC. A number of people cannot handle any criticism of DVC, The Walt Disney Company and their theme parks in general; if you are the type of person that feels like YOU are being personally attacked when you read critical comments, news stories, criticisms about your post and/or blogs about Walt Disney World that you may not agree with, I STRONGLY suggest you DO NOT join this group. We try to maintain a PG-13 rating at worst here. No F bombs or memes with F bombs. I thought this would be something people would just understand but since you are reading it you can be sure it happens. Please keep your word use to those that would be considered young child friendly. Please read the Rules under the Files. This is VERY important and will answer most of your questions. (repetitive but a must) We also have two sponsors in this group. One for DVC Resales, DVC Resale Market and another for DVC Rentals, DVC-Rental.com. You will see their company logo in the cover photo. They both are trusted names in the industry and have done business for many years with great reviews. You will also see them comment in their respective fields. Many in this group have used them. Please feel free to ask members about their experiences. We try to be drama free but at times it happens. People are people. We find that new groups are formed, trolls hide and people are attacked as well as members being PM'd or talked about in other groups. Basically join another group to do exactly what they claim we do. WE DO NOT ADVOCATE this at all. YOU WILL be purged from the group if found. This is FB after all. No need to take it serious. Just be courteous to others and all will be well. As always Mods & Admins can be found in the members tab. I understand you may disagree with a MOD or ADMIN. If you feel the need to block a MOD (this should really never happen) for whatever reason you must get ADMIN approval or you will be booted. You can never block an ADMIN. No roll calls, countdowns or posts of hidden Mickey’s that is not located on Disney property please. This is not something one will get removed for but with the number of members we have posts of those nature can take over the page so they are often deleted. It is nothing personal just housekeeping. There are plenty of other groups that love those posts so we let them have the market share of those while we stick to accurate news, information and question answering often with a little bit of snarkiness. Thanks for your support!