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News: Artwork Revealed for Disney World’s Caribbean Beach Resort Restaurants

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As you may know, Caribbean Beach Resort  is undergoing a refurbishment that is affecting the entire Resort, from dining options to the guest check-in area and far beyond.

Caribbean Beach Resort Concept Art ©Disney

Caribbean Beach Resort Concept Art ©Disney

Disney is now releasing concept art for what the results of this renovation will yield, and we are excited to finally be learning more about the refreshed dining options — and more! — coming to Caribbean Beach Resort!

But here’s the weird part…all of this “news” seems verrrrry familiar… . Read on.


You remember Shutters, right? The Table Service restaurant at Caribbean Beach Resort? No? Well, perhaps that’s because it hasn’t provided the most memorable of Resort dining options over the years. However, it sounds like that may change once the Caribbean-inspired Shutters reopens on the waterfront of Old Port Royale.

Caribbean Beach Resort Concept Art ©Disney

Caribbean Beach Resort Concept Art ©Disney

Shutters will transport guests to a beachfront home in the islands, with large open shutters allowing the sunlight to drench the dining room. The spot will celebrate the “natural beauty of the Caribbean” with design elements including floral motifs and handmade items.

Centertown Market

Look for Centertown Market to once again offer a Quick Service option to guests within an indoor street market setting. The space will be accented with colored light pendants made from glass bottles, and further elements will include shutters, wooden light posts, awnings and, of course, seating.

(What’s that? This doesn’t look all that different from what was there before? Agreed… .)

Caribbean Beach Resort Concept Art ©Disney

Caribbean Beach Resort Concept Art ©Disney

So, while you’ll obviously be welcome to stay and dine, a Grab n’ Go market will also be available featuring on-the-go options and specialty coffee.

Banana Cabana

You know we love Banana Cabana, Caribbean Beach’s pool bar! The refreshed spot will serve food along with drinks, which we can look forward to enjoying in an immersive “island life” setting. Here is a look at the bar’s previous look before it closed for the refurbishment.

Former Banana Cabana

Former Banana Cabana

Seating areas will be flanked by cabana-style drapes while re-purposed steel drums will deliver light to a large central community table formed by a wooden boat.

Old Port Royale

Old Port Royale will become the “port of entry” for Caribbean Beach Resort guests.

Caribbean Beach Resort Concept Art ©Disney

Caribbean Beach Resort Concept Art ©Disney

This location is within easy access to all of the Resort’s soon-to-be enhanced dining offerings, as well as to the Calypso Trading Post merchandise location.

Our Thoughts?

So… from what I’m reading, Shutters will basically be the same, but just opened up to the water. Centertown Market seems to be exactly the same. Banana Cabana will basically be the same, but will serve some food.

The biggest change on the horizon is that it sounds like Old Port Royale will be the check-in and registration area now? Which would be great, if that’s the case, to have one central lobby area with food offerings in the same building.

Look for these “updates” to be made in Summer 2018. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

What are your thoughts on the updated Caribbean Beach Resort? Please let us know with a comment!

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