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News!! Rose Gold Ears Cupcake Has Arrived at Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons

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Just in case you haven’t heard about the mayhem surrounding Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears in Disney Parks (on both coasts!), here’s the skinny…

Rose Gold Minnie Ears!

Rose Gold Minnie Ears!

The minute Rose Gold Minnie Ears hit Disney Parks merchandise locations, the shops could not — and still can not — keep them on the shelves! Folks spent time hovering online waiting for updates about their return and scarfing them up in numbers. You could say they’re kindofa BIG DEAL.

MORE Rose Gold Ears!

MORE Rose Gold Ears!

Thankfully, Disney has continued the trend. Only this time, they’ve done so in CUPCAKE form! Currently at Sunshine Seasons in the Land Pavilion (in Epcot’s Future World), guests can find the Rose Gold Ears Cupcake! And it’s gorgeous. Every bit as pretty as its namesake Ears.

Rose Gold Ears Cupcake

Rose Gold Ears Cupcake

And perhaps you’ve noticed with the same glee that I have… there’s a TON of frosting on this baby! It’s vanilla buttercream — no cream cheese or other added flavors here. The cake itself is vanilla and chocolate marble and just what we’ve come to expect from a Disney cupcake.

Rose Gold Ears Cupcake

Rose Gold Ears Cupcake

The rose gold ears and bow are fondant, so you’ll mostly get sugar with maybe a hint of marshmallow flavor from the garnish. But remember, even though it’s technically edible… fondant never wins any flavor contests. Its primary role is for looks, and here it is accomplishing its task quite well!

Tasty, Instagram-ready, and loaded with frosting… what more could you want in a cupcake? Hopefully it will stick around at Sunshine Seasons at least a bit longer than the actual Rose Gold Ears have been able to stay on the shelves!

Are you on the Rose Gold bandwagon? Tell us about your latest Disney obsession in the comments! 

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