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Telephone survery

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This morning, I called dvc membership to bank my points. It was around at 10:30 a.m. I was totally disappointed upon the wait time for my phone call, to be answered by a cast member. The time I waited was 25 minutes.  I'm very upset with the phone calls I've made in the past. The wait time is uncalled for. I feel like Disney Vacation club members are being ignored, unless you are a resident of Florida or a Foreigner from a different country.  Being a member since 2001, there have been no advantages to being a member. No discounts on park tickets, no special things sent to your room accommodations, unless they are paid for, not one special service has been offered. Yet I've been paying the monthly dues that are due every month, and get nothing in return. Being a senior citizen now, no specials are offered to us seniors either. It has become a very disappointment to being a member now. I can honestly say, I will be selling my membership. As much as I love Disney and have been involved in Disney since 1955 always wanting to become an  Musketeer,  I'm now discouraged. I'm sure this is falling on deaf ears, as many times it has, since now I'm a senior citizen and no one seems to care. Hopefully your phone service becomes better.

A discouraged dvc member,   Rosalie A Barus


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