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More Magic Coming to Castaway Cay

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The island is undergoing enhancements to provide new experiences for our guests and a slice of beachside luxury. Work is scheduled to be complete by Summer 2010 but we have an early look courtesy of our friends at Walt Disney Imagineering.

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Some of the enhancements taking shape on the island include an expanded family beach, a new family water playground with spraying misters and squirting water jets, and a new Scuttle’s Cove water play area for kids, with pop jets, geysers and bubblers. Also being added is a new water feature called Pelican Plunge – a 2,400-square-foot floating platform with two cool corkscrew water slides.


And for a slice of beachside luxury, guests can enjoy one of 16 new private rental cabanas located on the expanded family beach.


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